Play Cricket . . . a Sport for All Cultures
Date of Event : Sun Jul 1, 2018 9:00AM

Play Cricket, a Sport for All, Multicultural

Australian Cricket welcomes people from all diverse cultures and backgrounds to our exciting game.

Australia today is a diverse and fluid society. Cultural diversity is a fact of life in Australia with 43% of the national population either born overseas or having one parent born overseas.

Australian cricket is dedicated to making cricket a truly inclusive sport by catering to the diverse needs of Australia's population and committing to community development. Cricket is a game that can be played by males and females of all ages.

A barrier to getting involved in sport is language. Australian Cricket aims to break down this barrier by providing people with the opportunity to learn about cricket and its unique place in the Australian lifestyle.

A Sport for All is an information book designed to welcome multicultural communities to cricket through the provision of educational content, available in 25 languages:

• Amharic

• Dari

• Hakha-Chin

• Khmer

• Somali

• Arabic

• English

• Hindi

• Korean

• Tagalog

• Bengali

• Farsi

• Indonesian

• Mandarin

• Tamil

• Burmese

• French

• Italian

• Sinhala

• Turkish

• Cantonese

• Greek

• Japanese

• Spanish

• Vietnamese

The book covers a range of topics including the benefits of getting involved, where cricket can be played, how to play the game, MILO in2CRICKET, the Australian Cricket Family and a brief introduction to community involvement.

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